Custom Flute Case Cover
This elegant Flute Case Cover is made from hand selected leathers and is meticulously constructed... [more]

Cloth Flute Cover
(A tremendously popular item!) These flute covers are designed to protect your flute while on a peg... [more]

Microfiber Wiping Cloths
If you have been searching for a replacement for your old Dove Cloth, I think you will be very happy to have found these.... [more]

Cycles of Nature by Eric Ostling
'Cycles of Nature' is a set of 12 pieces written for flute with optional piano accompaniment.... [more]

Musician's Shoulder Bag
Introducing our new deluxe shoulder bag designed for flutists (also well suited for conductors and any musician who carries musical scores)... [more]

Flute Resting Pad
Especially helpful for teachers and professionals who need a safe place to rest your flute... [more]