Our NEW Picccolo Sling


Insulated, so you have a safe, warm place for your piccolo while doubling on the flute. Fully finished so nothing will snag on your instrument as you put it into and pull it out of the pouch. Adjustable strap with quality, dark metal hardware. Made and designed by a Flutist, Flutemaker, and highly experienced seamstress.


This product was requested by a long standing customer. We worked together on what might be the best design. And, this is the final product.

I like to use my knowledge as a flutist/piccolist, Flutemaker, and seamstress, to design and produce high quality accessories for your instrument. I make sure that the items will protect your flute/piccolo and look beautiful and function in a useful way.

Please note!!!!! The magnet in the flap and pouch, are there to keep the flap closed, and the piccolo warm. I use magnets that are sewn between the layers of fabric. That way, you don’t risk having them come in contact with your instrument. BUT, these magnets are not strong enough to hold your piccolo in the pouch should you turn it upside down!!!

Here is flute/piccolo tech, Rachel Simon, talking about my new Piccolo Sling.

I got to see one of Wirkkala Designs’ new piccolo pouches firsthand over the weekend. My customer, friend, and bandmate Dr. Joe Breitman came up with the idea for these after using a somewhat similar product for years, and wanting something that was not only an improvement in design but also made with true craftsmanship. He and Laura Wirkkala worked together to make the ultimate piccolo carrier.

Dr. Joseph Breitman

Having seen one in person now, here are my impressions:

First of all, it’s beautifully made. Every detail is SO well thought out.

Secondly, ANYTHING that makes piccolos safer has my vote. As a technician, I cannot tell you how many piccolos I’ve had to repair because they were knocked over on a stand, fell off of a music stand ledge, or rolled off of someone’s lap. These are the number one reasons for major piccolo damage that we see in repair shops. I love that this product gives you a much less vulnerable storage option, but still keeps the piccolo up close at hand where you need it.

Thirdly, it has insulated lining, so it actually keeps it from getting cold while you are in between long stretches of not playing picc in a performance. Awesome for marching, too. It’s got a magnetic closure, not velcro, so you don’t have to worry about noise when you’re taking the instrument in and out.

The only thing I would worry about with a product like this was I could imagine the piccolo mechanism and pins snagging on the fabric, but Laura has chosen a really good lining material, and I got to see in person that there’s absolutely no snagging whatsoever. I even got a video clip, because as you can probably see, the instrument in the video is one of the most mechanically complex piccolos available (all the extra key options), and it gets in and out of there effortlessly and safely. If the pouch can take care of this piccolo safely, it can take care of anything! It’s also a piccolo that I personally maintain, so I have a vested interest in the product not harming my painstaking adjustment work in any way. I’m totally comfortable with this.

I don’t sell these, it’s not a paid advertisement, I’m just excited about this and want players to know that this is a perfectly viable option and much better than most options I’ve seen for how to set a piccolo aside safely when you’re not using it at the moment in a rehearsal or performance. — Rachel Simon, flute/piccolo Technician Philadelphia PA


The piccolo pocket came in the mail today. I just tried it on and I LOVE it. It will have it’s first test run in rehearsal this Thursday since where we play it tends to be cold. Thanks so much!!! …The size is great and love that it’s adjustable. So well made… it will probably outlast me!!!! — Nan Raphael


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